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Nikos Pandazaras Destination Weddings

Base: Volos

Goes To: 179 Areas in Greece & Cyprus

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Price Range

1800.0€ - 5500.0€


General Info

Human connection is such a beautiful thing

…and its what truly drew me into pursuing wedding photography!

Since 2010 I document weddings all over Greece. As I do love characters and personalities, my main interest is documenting people who truly love each other! Through the time of my photographic career I discovered many different areas but never fell more in love like I did with photographing couples and weddings. I feel so honoured for your consideration to tell the story of your wedding day.

There aren’t many times in your life you have your best friends and family members gathered together in one place. When you get your photos I want to bring you back to those moments in an intimate and impactful way, so you can remember how it felt. 

My style as a wedding photographer, is mainly reportage, meaning that I am trying to photograph you from the perspective of a close friend or family member, capture everything precisely as it is and make a story with authentic frames, that reveal connection, tears, laughter, celebration and pure love.

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