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6 things that nobody tells you about honeymoon

Many times the honeymoon is not what we imagined. Here is what no one says about the most unique and romantic vacation of your life!


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3 Ιουνίου 2022

6 things that nobody tells you about honeymoon

Είσαι επαγγελματίας γάμου;

You will forget to plan it.

Suppose you are planning a regular vacation. It will probably take months to pick a destination, research flights and hotels and plan your trip. But this is not a normal period of your life, it is the period you orchestrate your marriage and you are busy. But take some time to organize your honeymoon, as once you finally lift your head from the wedding planning, you will be very happy that there is a relaxing trip waiting for you.

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It will be incredibly special.

Even if you swear that all those clichés of couples hugging at the airport or holding hands while checking in at their hotel do not suit you two, do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself behaving just like these happy couples. You are celebrating a very big, very happy event — not to mention that you no longer have the stress of planning on your shoulders. Enjoy!

You may not feel relaxed after a day or two.

If you expect that it will only take an hour under summer sun and a strong cocktail to feel refreshed and dedicated to each other, you may be surprised. You will have so much adrenaline rushing out of your marriage that you may be exhausted. Be polite to yourself and maybe postpone the adventurous diving or hiking trip to the top of the mountain for a little later in the week.

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It will not always look like a romantic fantasy.

Once you have prepared the fancy lingerie that you got at your bachelorette party and you have pre-ordered the expensive champagne for your hotel room, you imagine that romance will dominate all day every day. But sometimes, too much sun, food or sightseeing can really affect your mood and it is certain that at least one night you will want to do something relaxing, such as watching netflix while eating out of room service.

Accidents can happen.

A warning, be prepared for unexpected and unwanted events. Your hotel room may not be as beautiful as it looked in the photos, you may miss a return flight or even get sick, but if you do not put it down when things go wrong, you will be able to enjoy all the amazing things that go correctly. And keep in mind that most hotels have doctors on hand for help and medicines at the gift shop, but put some Imodium and panadol in your suitcase just in case (it will be much cheaper than buying them there).

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Hooneymoon -

You will not want to go home.

Whether you have already taken many vacations as a couple or this is your first big one together, the return from your honeymoon is a quick trip back to reality (sorry!) and everything you neglected while planning your wedding, like a job, your taxes or bathroom cleaning need to be addressed. Planning your next trip can ease the pain a bit, as can having a fun weekend getaway after your return.

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