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We hope that all our best wishes will follow you!

Did you think that it was the best and most excited moment of your life? Just, you thought…. Have you felt “alone” and “helpless” on a paradise’s cloud? Not any more…

If this is the moment, that you wish, to live your dream in reality? Just invite yourself to your wedding? Be sure you’ll feel it, live it and enjoy it without any hassle, any worry.

If Santorini, the damned and blessed at the same time island, is your wedding destination, the world’s most romantic place, where you can find united magic, beauty, serenity then you believe that the volcanic atmosphere can give you the positive energy to start your new life having the Gods of the Aegean Sea to bless your wedding.

Viewing the volcano, the breathtaking sunset, the shimmering blue waters, you can enjoy “your” wedding day exchanging vows, with or without guests. The moment of agreeing to join two lives in matrimony is one of the most beautiful events in anyone’s life.

You can be at the most wanted venue of the planet.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel the warm, mysterious, glorious and relaxing atmosphere, which you need before the special magic moment.

Whether you plan to be the two of you or to share the grand event we will take care of every detail and need. Name your wish and we’ll try to make it come true. We can offer you a wide selection of services.

We make simpler the planning and designing but in a hospitable atmosphere, focused on you and on the sacred wedding ceremony. Far away from home, we want that you feel home by assisting you in the coordination of the entire event.

Once we have shared with you all your thoughts, dreams, visions, we’ll offer our knowledge, experience and action to create the unforgettable…

We do not claim that we are certified or awarded weddings specialists… But we can say that we are honored to be chosen by you “to stand” next to you at this so special moment of your lives’ union in one and we can assure that we’ll do our best as, from now on, you are members of our family…

Close your eyes and feel a warm spring or summer breeze touches your shoulders and the sound of murmuring of dozens of people to envy your choice…As the sun lowers behind you, warm golden hues expand around you and faces of your friends or -your rent-a-crowd- strangers who have gathered to share your special moments, are smiling… The magic begins…


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