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Base: Athens

Goes To: 205 Areas in Greece & Cyprus

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1000.0€ - 3000.0€


General Info

We are Marina and Kostas, a couple of photographers brought together by our love for the art of photography. From the moment we discovered the magic of photography, we understood that each photograph is a gateway that opens into a whole world of sensations and emotions.

We believe that photography is much more than a mere capturing of moments. It is a way to capture the essence of existence and the beauty that surrounds our world. Through our lens, we seek to capture not only the image but also the feeling that accompanies it.

With years of experience in the field of wedding photography, we have the expertise and photographic skill to capture your special moments. We undertake to photograph your wedding, your baptism, and by capturing your personal moments, we transform them into long-lasting memories.

What sets us apart from other wedding photographers is that when we take on a wedding or a baptism, we treat it as if it were our own personal moment.

A moment for which we have the responsibility to capture it, so that every time you look at a photograph, you don't just see an image, but a significant moment from your life. Your own story that stands the test of time. Some moments deserve to be rendered not just descriptively but with their own unique magic.

We will be by your side for any questions and for any advice you may need from us from the first day until the delivery of your album.


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