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My name is Thodoris Tempos and I have been practicing photography professionally for the last 22 years. I have studied and specialized in architecture and advertising photography, and for many years I have been working with publishing houses, advertising agencies, architectural offices, producing images that require technical acumen and creatively diverse skill, often under the weight of time - and not only - constraints. Your wedding day carries a great symbolism of union and will have an extraordinary dynamic and strong emotional charge. As the directors/protagonists of this film you will have your own pace and intentions. My mission is to synchronize with this rhythm and capture the moments and emotions that unfold with naturalness and honesty. Of course, I will dedicate myself to the composition and rendering of family portraits, as they are an integral and important part of your story. Of course, we will experiment with a series of your portraits, if and as long as time and circumstances permit. But beyond that, my approach will be subtle, from the observer's position. My goal is to deliver you a material that will tell your story, a material that will stand the test of time.

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