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10 reasons to have your wedding in winter

A winter wedding is much more than just an alternative. It's an opportunity to showcase the uniqueness and magic of the season, creating a celebration you'll remember forever.


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April 22, 2024

10 reasons to have your wedding in winter

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When you think of your dream wedding, winter may not be the first season that comes to mind. However, the winter season holds magical surprises for the bride and groom. From the romantic atmosphere to the unique photos, discover 10 reasons that make a winter wedding an ideal choice!

Different Experience

winter wedding
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A winter wedding offers a unique and unforgettable experience. It's the perfect opportunity to create memories that will last forever, different from traditional summer ceremonies.

Venue Availability

As winter is not a top high season for weddings, you will find more options of available and affordable banquet venues, often at discounted rates.

Enchanting Backdrop

Winter offers a backdrop reminiscent of a fairy tale, with twinkling street lights and, if you're lucky, the glow of snow. Imagine photos of the glittering snowy landscape or the decorated city squares.

Closer to the holidays

If your wedding coincides with the Christmas festive season, you can incorporate festive elements and decorations for a truly magical atmosphere.

Romantic Atmosphere

winter wedding
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The warmth of a fireplace or the sight of snowy landscapes creates a sense of togetherness and warmth, adding to the romantic dimension of your day.

More Comfortable Guests

The cooler temperature ensures that your guests will be more comfortable, especially indoors, enjoying the event without feeling the unbearable summer heat.

Wonderful Winter Themes

Take advantage of winter's colours and patterns for unique decorations - think silver and blue hues, sparkling crystals and elegant winter flowers.

Winter Fashion

winter wedding

Winter is the season to choose stunning long wedding dresses, luxurious veils and elegant accessories such as furs and long gloves.

Economical Advantageous Choice

Many wedding professionals, such as photographers and decorators, offer discounts during the winter season, which allows you to have your dream wedding at a lower cost.

Unique Menus

Offer warm and delicious winter cuisine dishes such as soups, roasts, and warm aromatic drinks that will delight your guests.

A winter wedding is much more than just an alternative. It is an opportunity to showcase the uniqueness and magic of the season, creating a celebration you will always remember. Enjoy every moment and make your wedding day special by enjoying the warmth and beauty that winter offers!

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